Are you ready to pursue owning a piece of Austin? This is a very exciting time whether its your first home, 10th home or even a investment home. We are happy to assist you and guide you through this chapter in your life.

1. Hire a Mortgage Lender. Your lender is the “Oracle” before & during the Real Estate hunt. The lender evaluates your credit and lets you know what you can qualify to buy. They are the ones that will be financing your Loan & can Provide you with helpful hints to get the best rate for your Mortgage. You, your Lender and your Realtor should work side by side to transact the deal.

2. Interview & Hire a Real Estate Agent. Make sure your agent has a Team of Support (i.e. Available Broker in case issues arise. Understands the Contract & its laws. Has experience in the fast paced markets of Austin. Has access to the Local MLS). Your agent should have transacted several transactions within a recent time frame and can be available to your questions & answers their phone!

3. Search & View for Homes within your Price Point (your Agent will do all the Hunting for you). With Austin being such a fast paced market, Online sites Like Zillow & Trulia are not always as accurate as an agents tools will be. Having true faith that your agent is showing you Ready & available homes is a huge responsibility you should trust them with from start to finish.

4. Find the One! When your REALTOR opens the Door to the “One”, you will know it & feel it in your Bones. Never Settle on a house. Buying a home is a Huge investment and should never be settled on out of Convenience. This si why when working with your agent is so crucial. Being specific to your wants & needs allows your agent to properly filter all homes tot he home that best fits your needs & wants.

5. Negotiate the Terms Your agents job is to be your Negotiator. Having the skills to negotiate are 1 of two ways.. “Either you’ve got it or you dont”.  REALTORS have to always keep YOUR best interests at heart not their own. An agent shouldassist with negotiating the price, the repairs, and any other anomalies that arise during this process.  Make sure your agent has a great understanding of evaluating a homes worth based on Comparable’s as well as being able to handle the proper dates and follow up the contract lists in detail.

6. Inspections Your agent should always encourage you to perform a Property Inspection. The inspector has no skin in the game with the seller and has no problem combing through the property with a finetooth comb! The inspector is there to ensure the home isstructurally sound, has no mechanical, electrical, plumbing or any other malfunctions. Inspectors will give you a full report of their findings along with photos. This is where your agent will truly be a great help. Agents are used to seeing the good the bad and the ugly and can negotiate the price or terms to better suit a sale if need be. Seek your agents opinion with the findings of your inspection. Typically the Inspector & the Agent will discuss abnormalities right after they finish the inspection.

7. The Appraisal The appraisal will be ordered by your Lender. The appraiser’s job is to go give a true evaluation of the property’s worth based on what the home offers along with the Sold Listings within its area. This is to ensure that the lender and you are getting a home that is not over valued by the seller.

8. Close & Fund Yay! You are almost there. On this day, you will meet at the title company with your Agent and most commonly with your Lender. You will all sit at a round table and the Escrow (Closing) agent will begin the process. Before you know it, you are now the Proud Owner of your new home!  You are handed the keys and Congratulated.

9. Move! This is the FUN PART! Moving…