1. Interview then Hire a REALTOR
Your piece of Real Estate should be valued as an investment. Investments are there to make you the highest Return on your money whenever you choose to sale it.

Interview the agent you are considering. Ask them how many transactions they have closed within the last 60 days. Ask about their marketing campaigns. Agents need to be affluent in marketing homes in today’s market. Finally, run Pro’s & Con’s of each REALTOR you interviewed. Chose the agent that made you feel at ease was knowledgeable and is a Marketing & Negotiating Guru.

2. Prepare the Property
Treat this part like a Business. Listen to your agent’s advice on this matter.

De-Clutter: Make the home feel bigger and show it does not pose any storage issues, Pack/Donate items no longer used taking up space in the cabinets, drawers, closets & garage. Clutter causes a feel of Stress to a Buyer!

De-Personalize: No one else loves your family as much as you do, so remove your family photos, religious plaques/symbols, your child’s art & magnets from the Fridge, The Bathroom counter tops & shower. This is nothing personal – its Business. Show off the Home not your belongings!

De-Stress: Make sure all holes, cracks, AC Filters, Known Mechanical & Structural items are repaired/replaced before putting the home on the market. Create a Warm Inviting walkway to the home and foyer. See your agent for their recommendations.


3. Price to Sale:
We as REALTORS know you are proud of your home. It has been your safe haven & the memories you made here will last a lifetime.

However, you’re chosen REALTOR is a highly trained, educated, genius when it comes to the market and the comps. Pricing the home just right will determine the amount of time you keep this property. Time is money in Real Estate, so price the house based on Comps and your Agents opinion.

4. Market to Sale.
Now that you have a Superstar REALTOR, your house is gleaming in beauty & priced to Perfections, it’s time to List it on the market. Your agent should be getting professional photos of the home, adding the home to Broker Tours, placing a sign and lockbox on the door adding the listing to all available listing sites, and finally standing out front on their soap box yelling “Let the Showings Begin”!

5. Buyer Negotiations
This is the part where your stellar agent should shine bright. Your agent should always represent your BEST interests and get the highest and best price for your home. Your REALTOR should be highly experienced in Real Estate negotiations. A qualified and knowledgeable negotiator offers their clients relief from issues that may arise during this process.

6. Closing & Funding
Congratulations you’ve sold the ______! (to be filled in by seller. Choose the best word that fits) Show up, Sign Here, Collect your Check and CELEBRATE!