How Much Does a Property Management Company Charge?

How Much Does a Property Management Company Charge?

Property management companies provide a valuable service to rental property owners, but knowing how their fees are structured is important. So how much do property management companies charge for their services?

Find out how much it costs to hire a property manager and what they can do for your investment property here.

How Much Do Property Management Companies Charge?

Usually charging either a percentage of the rent collected or a flat monthly fee, most industry pros will collect between 8-12% of each month’s earnings as payment for services rendered while your home remains occupied by tenants, meaning that if the tenants are paying $2800 per month in rent, then you can expect to be paying $225-$280 per month to the property management company.

At 512-Society Property Management, we charge $50 per month and 7% of the collected rent, offering personalized service at an affordable cost!

What Do Property Management Services Include?

There are a variety of services available at most reputable property management companies.
Your selection of services to meet your unique needs will also affect the cost. So, for example, complete property management services will cost more than just leasing or listing services. Investing in real estate can greatly boost your returns — but it takes time, effort, and expertise.

Full-Service Property Management

At 512-Society Property Management, we have made sure you get the best value out of your property with our full-service & transaction management since 2005! Our team will take care of all aspects of asset acquisition and sales and provide professional advice on rental properties so that you receive peace of mind knowing that your investments are getting the attention they deserve. We pride ourselves on attentiveness, superior customer service, and trustworthiness — giving each investor an optimal return from their investment every time!

Leasing Services

You can also purchase marketing packages from companies that cover many of the minutiae that property owners want to avoid. At 512-Society Property Management, we offer a marketing process that includes comparative market analysis, curb appeal evaluation, interior prep work, professional photography, creation and posting of listings, and lease writing and applications.

Brokerage & Sales

At 512-Society Property Management, property condition reports are important to our services and how we manage your investment. Every six months, we send out requests to our Evaluation Team so they can schedule a time to view the interior and exterior of your rental property. During their visit, they will take photos of the exterior and interior of the property, as well as check for any appliance malfunctions, cosmetic damages, or normal wear and tear items. This helps us keep your property in top condition and ensures you get the most out of your investment.

What If My Property Is Vacant?

If you find yourself with an empty property on your hands, property management companies can be a great solution.

Many companies handle the property when it is vacant and may require a fixed fee or estimated rent for their services. This service is worthwhile, though, as they not only protect the property against potential break-ins or squatters but routine inspections are done to ensure that there won’t be any nasty surprises when someone eventually moves in. Property management companies offer peace of mind for landlords during those long vacancy periods.

Are You Looking for a Central Texas Property Manager?

If you own an investment property in Austin, you want to ensure you get all the rent you can and should be earning. Hiring property management professionals who have extensive knowledge of and insight into the current market conditions is essential for doing just that.

With over 17 years of experience, our trusted property managers have the expertise to provide your property with an optimized, estimated rental value and calculate your projected cash flow from monthly earnings, which are crucial when it comes to understanding all of the potential of your property investment.

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About the Author: Jessica Duncan is the 512 Society Property Management Broker. She and her family opened the business in 2005 and has assisted more than 12,000 clients with professional and reliable management services. Call 512-990-3551 for more information.