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We want your home to be a place you’ll truly enjoy, a place where you will create wonderful memories for you and your family for years to come. Our commitment to your satisfaction does not end when you sign the lease. For as long as you are renting from us, you can expect our best to keep you comfortable. We are always there to answer your questions, and we are quick to address any maintenance needs you may have.

Helpful Links for Current Tenants

For our current tenants we have a complete set of tools to make your stay with us more convenient, such as your Tenant Portal and Maintenance Request portal. Remember you will always be able to access and review your lease agreement in your account in the event you have any questions regarding the details of your lease.

Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay your rent through your tenant portal. You should have received a link via email to log into your account approximately 5 days before your move-in date. In your Tenant Portal account, you may choose to pay via RentMoney voucher (take cash to participating Wal-Mart), auto bank draft, or debit/credit card. We do not accept rent in the office due to security purposes and liability. Rent is due on the 1st of each month.

Each property owner decides whether to allow pets or not, and sometimes will make decisions based upon an individual basis.Please check your copy of your lease agreement in your Tenant Portal account. If pets or allowed, the landlord may have policies that restrict the type and size of pet. If there is a pet policy that allows pets, before acquiring your new pet you’ll be asked to pay a pet deposit and non-refundable, one-time fee and sign paperwork. Please read the pet policy carefully in your lease agreement to be certain of compliance. You may also reach out to our support team to inquire if your property allows pets and any other criteria.

In most cases your rental home is owned by a third-party investor. This person/entity shows up under the Landlord portion of the lease contract. We are hired by them to manage the property as they do not partake in the management of their rental investment. We are your point of contact for all things pertaining to the property unless otherwise mentioned.

This is easily handled. We simply must verify the remaining resident can afford the property alone. If not, you would need to have a replacement resident who makes up the difference apply and become approved through the same app process you went through prior to moving in.
If approved a Roommate Addendum would be signed removing you and all liability from the lease and showing the new resident in your place.
Please note the security deposit will remain on the property and it is a civil issue between you and the remaining resident(s) to determine your reimbursement.

Depends. 99% of the time the Landlord pays for repairs & maintenance. Like the age old saying goes “if you break it – you fix it”. If it is general wear and tear, a malfunction or a legal obligation then the owner will absorb the costs of upkeep. In the instance you or a guest or other occupant breaks the item in need of service, you will be billed accordingly.

Exciting! We have an entire division dedicated to buyers wanting to purchase real estate in Texas. We have several Realtors who would be happy to help you achieve this goal. Please contact our office and ask for our Real Estate Division.

Per the Texas Property Code Section 92. We are required to give you a refund and/or statement of account itemizing deductions within 30 days after you release possession (i.e. turn in your keys). Please review your Lease contract Section When Moving Out for other details as well as your Move Out instructions for a speedy transition.

That depends. As long as you abide by the Move Out section of the lease agreement and the Move Out instructions we provide, you should receive all of your deposit back.

We need a signed release from you asking for such a request. Typically your new landlord will send us these documents and we will reply very quickly as we are aware that time is of the essence with these type of requests.

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