Tenant Screening Services for Homeowners & Investors

We’ll Only Send You Well-Qualified Tenants

We believe that a great tenancy starts with a well-qualified resident. Our tenant screening services provide a comprehensive overview of each applicant, which helps us protect your rental property and ensure the most successful tenancy possible.

We make our application process as easy as possible for applicants to complete. Our application is mobile-friendly, allowing agents or their clients to apply for the property instantly before leaving the driveway!

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Our In-Depth Tenant Screening Services Include:

At 512 Society, we look at several criteria before approving an applicant for your property:

  • Criminal background check – This checks for any convictions an applicant served time for within the last seven years. Acceptance is up to the landlord’s discretion, however, we ensure any convicted crimes would not affect the safety of the surrounding neighborhood, property, or other residents.
  • Credit check – We will obtain a Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) report, or credit report, to verify the credit history of applicants. We look for debt-to-income ratios that are too high or credit scores below 600.
  • Foreclosures & Bankruptcies –Our tenant screening services also check for judgments, uncollected debts to a property manager or landlord, and bankruptcies or foreclosures within the last two years.
  • Income verification – We require the last 30 days’ worth of paycheck stubs showing net income, or a letter of employment if the applicant was recently hired. For self-employed applicants, we require tax returns for the last two years.
  • Previous rental history check – we make sure all applicants have two years of positive rental history. This looks for judgments and evictions in the last five years, and whether or not applicants owe money to prior landlords.

How Do Property Managers Screen Tenants?

First, an applicant needs to submit their application and consent to the tenant screening process.

Then, we conduct a rigorous application process through an advanced digital platform that allows us to see credit, criminal, employment, and rental backgrounds. We’ll screen applicants for any red flags and let the property owner know what we find.

Tenant Screening Services You Can Trust

Our property management services include comprehensive tenant screening so you can rest assured you have well-qualified residents.

If you’re looking for a reliable property management company, look no further than 512 Society. Contact us today to learn more about how we can increase the ROI of your investment property!

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