6 Month Property Evaluations

Our Property Evaluation Process

Too often we hear the statement…“I haven’t seen inside my property since they moved in…”

Evaluations are paramount to what we do and how we objectively manage your investment.

The Process:

Every 6-months, an auto-generated request is sent to our Evaluation Team asking them to schedule an appointment. Upon their arrival, the Evaluation Team will perform a photo shoot of the exterior showing the grounds, the structure, fencing, etc. They will then go inside the property and perform another photo-shoot of each room including the garage. The Evaluation Team will walk the property, checking for appliance malfunctions, leaks under cabinets, AC filter condition, cosmetic damages, normal wear and tear items, and take notes from the occupying Resident (if any) about any concerns that are maintenance related.

The examiner will then generate a full report with photos/video and email a link directly to the homeowner. If you choose, you can take the virtual tour as if you were there yourself, seeing the home through the inspectors eyes.

If any maintenance related items are found that need repair, the Maintenance Team will be alerted through a service request and you will be copied.

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