I grew up in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state. I was a rambunctious boy who had no fear and enjoyed playing in the dirt, camping, and riding my horse to elementary school (not allowed I later found out).

In 2001, I enrolled in the Diver Institute of Technology (DTI) in Seattle to study becoming a commercial diver. Within 3 years, I was a saturation diver, diving to depths of 700 ft. At that depth, everything is pitch black, and I would work 8-hour shifts in sheer darkness to fix pipelines (yes, in the dark).  To be a great sat diver, you need quick wit, patience, and a knack for problem solving.

After 15 years as a diver, I retired and began renovating and flipping homes. This is when I realized I had a real passion for real estate – so it became a career.

When working with my clients, there are times that quick wit and problem solving can save them thousands. My superpower is that I never get frazzled by an obstacle. I think swiftly and proficiently when I work, which can make all the difference in the overall ROI or asset liquidity my clients demand.

When I’m not helping clients acquire or sell their properties, I am seen on my mini farm with my 2 kids and wife.

3 things people are shocked to learn about me:

  • I helped flip the Costa Concordia cruise ship that ran aground
  • I can fall asleep while standing up
  • I saved the life of a man who was laying at the bottom of a pool in 2020 (My daughter calls me a superhero)