7 Questions to Ask a Property Manager Before Hiring Them

7 Questions to Ask a Property Manager Before Hiring Them

It’s no secret that hiring a property management company is one of the best ways to care for and achieve your investment goals. However, finding the right company can be challenging with so much local competition.

To help you start, here are some of the top questions to ask a property manager before hiring them.

The Essential Checklist for Selecting a Property Manager


  1. What Services Can I Expect From Hiring Your Company?
  2. Owning a property can be full of surprises, from finding the perfect tenants to dealing with difficult complaints. Ensuring your investment is safe and secure requires hiring an experienced property management company capable of taking on numerous tasks.

    At a minimum, they should offer thorough background checks for potential renters, conduct regular inspections and ensure any maintenance issues are taken care of swiftly — all while keeping one eye firmly focused on your bottom line!

    512-Society Property Management offers all of this and more for owners.

  3. How Many Properties Does Your Company Manage?
  4. Knowing the property management company’s size and scope can tell you a lot about how experienced their team is. By understanding how many properties they manage and how many staff they employ, you can deduce their capability to manage your property effectively.

    A more extensive property management portfolio indicates successful property ownership, while a high staff count usually means they have enough people to handle a more significant workload efficiently.

    In addition, experience matters; if a property management firm has been around for a long time, it may indicate the quality of its services. Awareness of these factors helps property owners choose which property management company to hire.

  5. Are You Affiliated With Any Professional Organizations?
  6. Ensuring that a property management company is licensed, insured, and compliant with all laws related to rental properties is essential for any property owner. Professional property managers belong to industry associations and often take part in continuing education courses to stay up-to-date with regulations relevant to those renting property.

    Similarly, these professionals must also have insurance policies to protect the property owner’s interests. By ensuring that a property management company meets all the requirements, property owners will have peace of mind knowing they are getting top-quality service and results.

  7. What Types of Properties Do You Manage?
  8. Property management is no small feat, with many different property types and varying needs to consider. Some property management companies may specialize in residential property, while others focus on larger commercial property.

    If you are looking for effective property management services for residential property types, such as single-family homes, duplexes, apartments, condos, and quads, look no further than 512-Society Property Management.

    Not only are we experts in these property types, but our vast experience also extends to managing small apartment complexes — because no property should be too big or small for us!

  9. How Much Money Do I Need to Put in Reserve for Maintenance?
  10. As a property owner, asking your property management team how much money you’ll need to set aside for regular maintenance and repairs is important. Having 5-10% of your property value in reserve funds is a good goal; this way, you’ll be prepared in an emergency.

    You can also use this fund as your overall maintenance budget, not just for emergencies. Just make sure to reinvest money back into the fund as needed. Make sure the maintenance reserve they’re asking for is reasonable.

  11. What’s Your Average Response Time to Owners and Tenants?
  12. When it comes to property management and property maintenance, response time is essential. For tenants, a reasonable response time creates trust, loyalty, and better relationships between the property manager and the tenant. Not only does this ensure that tenants have their needs resolved quickly, but it also keeps them from going elsewhere if they’re unhappy with the service.

    If property managers cannot respond swiftly to their tenants’ requests (such as an emergency repair), it could be detrimental for both parties in the long run. Therefore, property managers must prioritize ensuring that tenants receive a decent turnaround time; this will ensure relationship satisfaction for everyone involved.

  13. How Do Your Tenants Contact You?

Effective communication between property owners and managers is essential for successful property management. A solid communication process guarantees that the property manager and owner can quickly address any issues or problems. Utilizing both live agents and online options will ensure that tenants have easy access to property management teams while property owners can remain updated on the progress of each property they are managing.

Effective communication improves the customer experience, simplifies essential property management tasks, and generally strengthens tenant-landlord relationships.

Property Management Services in Central Texas

If you’re looking for the best property management company in Texas, look no further than 512-Society Property Management Team! Our team provides comprehensive leasing and rental home solutions throughout Austin and its surrounding areas.

Whether you are a local real estate investor or from out-of-state, our experienced team dedicates their time and labor to helping you increase profits from your rental property. From accounting and record-keeping services to leasing, collecting rent payments, marketing strategies, and more, our experts have the knowledge and skills to handle all aspects of property management with outstanding results.

We take pride in providing excellent customer service and having loyal clients who trust us regarding their investments. So if you’re looking for a fantastic property management experience every step of the way, call 512-990-3551 or contact us online today!
About the Author: Jessica Duncan is the 512 Society Property Management Broker. She and her family opened the business in 2005 and has assisted more than 12,000 clients with professional and reliable management services. Call 512-990-3551 for more information.